LittlevGL References

Here you can find some projects where LittlevGL was used as GUI library.

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OrigoKey - Crypto wallet

OrigoKey Crypto wallet with LittlevGL A hardware wallet to securely store cryptocurrencies with 240x240 IPS display, capacitive touchpad, and STM32F4 microcontroller.

AviTab - X-PLane plugin

AviTab uses LittlevGL in Virtual Reality Tablet computer emulaltor for X-Plane flight simulator in virtual reality with pdf and map viewer.
Check out the project on GitHub!

RGB LED Light Controller

RGB LED Light Controller GUI RGB LED controller GUI with STM32F4 on a 800x480 TFT with Capacitve touch panel.
From Teguh Sobirin

Christmas Lights Controller

Christmas Lights Controller GUI MQTT Christmas lights controller GUI with ESP32 on a 320x240 TFT with resistive touch panel.
From Martin Harizanov